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PARMAforEXPO: the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Trade of Cameroun visit our city

This African country, where agriculture is the backbone of the economy, has always had strong commercial relationships with Italy. This is due to the political and monetary stability of the country, its regulation on employment and its direct access to the sea, making this country a key territory to export in the nearby countries.

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PARMAforEXPO: a delegation from Argentina visits Parma. Focus on the dairy sector

In the context of EXPO-related incoming activities, our area is welcoming a delegation from Argentina consisting of three important government officials and 30 companies, most of them operating in the dairy sector. This appointment will conclude the cycle of three B2B meetings organized in collaboration with UNIDO, the United National Organization that helps developing countries.

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PARMAforEXPO welcomes a business delegation from Pakistan

Four representatives of Pakistani businesses, accompanied by two senior officials, are in Parma today seeking partners for the purchase of industrial machinery. The day, which will include a visit to the Bertoli company, is organized in collaboration with UNIDO – the United Nations Organization that helps developing countries.

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PARMAforEXPO: The Foreign Press Association of Milan visits our city. An opportunity to illustrate the uniqueness of the Parma System

 Italian foreign press correspondents from Europe, South America and the Far East will spend a day in Parma today dedicated to local artistic, cultural, food, wine and entrepreneurial excellence. An unmissable opportunity to promote the Parma brand created by the efforts of all the stakeholders in the Parma system.

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PARMAforEXPO: the incoming programme linked to EXPO takes off with the arrival of EURO-MED delegation

The PARMAforEXPO Working Table, in  conjunction with the European Commission and with the support of Fondazione Cariparma, will today be welcoming 20 business delegates from southern shores of the Mediterranean. The day’s programme will include a welcome from the local authorities, in the presence of all the participants in the Working Table, a visit to two outstanding local companies and B2B meetings a,t the Parma Chamber of Commerce.

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PARMAforEXPO: the Parma System creates a network to seize EXPO’s opportunities

The PARMAforEXPO Work Group, which includes all the institutional and socio-economic stakeholders in the area, is active on three fronts: the website, the area within the CIBUSèITALIA Pavilion in Milan, and a rich incoming programme of foreign business delegations. The first event, in collaboration with the European Commission, is scheduled for May 8: it will feature the Euro-Mediterranean countries.

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Screen_sito a free showcase for businesses in Parma. Registration is open

Maximizing visibility of the entrepreneurial network of the Parma area and  promoting B2B business opportunities: this is the focus of the PARMAforEXPO website, organized by the Working Table consisting of leading institutional and economic stakeholders in the official PARMAforEXPO website. The website integrates data from the E015 Digital Ecosystem: companies can access an invaluable free showcase simply by filling in a form.

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