PARMAforEXPO: the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy visits Parma

The PARMAforEXPO working group welcomes the Bulgarian delegation comprising representatives of the Government of Sofia, BulgariaInvest and BSMEPA as well as of some local businesses. The Eastern European country is for Parma a promising territory both to make investments and to open new business opportunities.

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PARMAforEXPO: the most important trade association of Brazilian industry lands to Parma

In the State of São Paulo, FIESP comprises approximately 130,000 businesses. The Brazilian delegation arriving today to Parma offers an unparalleled opportunity to forge new business alliances in a market which is already deemed to be strategic for the industries of food machinery, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness.

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PARMAforEXPO: an institutional delegation from Cuba lands in Parma

The meeting, organized in joint cooperation with UNIDO,  United Nations Industrial Development Organization, represents an opportunity to gain a real understanding  of the business opportunities in the Caribbean island for the ‘Parma System’ following the normalization of international relations.

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PARMAforEXPO: Investment and trade opportunities in Senegal for the local companies. Two Ministers of the African country are leading the delegation.

Today a Senegalese delegation visited Parma.  Senegal is for Italy an increasingly strategic partner for trade thanks to its remarkable investments for development, its political stability and its geographical position.

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PARMAforEXPO: our city welcomes the President of the Republic of Ghana

The African country is an important commercial partner for Italy. As a matter of fact in 2014 Italy-Ghana total trade amounted to 696 million Euros. The visit of the institutional delegation from Ghana targeted the Parma agri-food system, with a special focus on the processing tomato district: a district that makes Parma the leading player in our country.


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PARMAforEXPO: Parma welcomes today a business delegation from Ghana

The delegation visit is organized in cooperation with UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. The group is led by Ernest Mawuli Agbesi, CEO of National Investment Bank Ltd. and one of the major representatives of the Word Trade Centers Association at Accra.

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PARMAforEXPO: the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Trade of Cameroun visit our city

This African country, where agriculture is the backbone of the economy, has always had strong commercial relationships with Italy. This is due to the political and monetary stability of the country, its regulation on employment and its direct access to the sea, making this country a key territory to export in the nearby countries.

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PARMAforEXPO welcomes three new institutional and business delegations

PARMAforEXPO welcomes the Ministers of Agriculture of  37 African countries, who came to Italy to attend a meeting promoted by UN in the frame of  EXPO, some EU-Asia business operators, involved in the “Missions for growth” project launched by the European Commission, and 20 businesses coming from Ecuador. These are the three delegations who will be visiting Parma on June 10 and 11. Truly unparalleled opportunities for the “Parma System” to develop a network of international relations and to create new opportunities for the local businesses.

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PARMAforEXPO welcomes a delegation from Chile

The delegation coming from Chile will be welcomed by the PARMAforEXPO working table at the Chamber of Commerce, where the main institutions representing the city of Parma will extend to them their warmest greetings. The day programme will then include a visit to SSICA (the Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry).

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PARMAforEXPO welcomes the South Korean Minister of Agriculture

An excellent opportunity for the Parma agrifood system to start new business relationships: South Korea is in fact one of the markets which are more sensitive to the made-in-Italy food on the table, with a rate of growth of 20.2% in 2014. The visit of the South Korean ministerial delegation will focus on two of the Parma excellences: Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma.

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