Moving around the city is fairly simple: Parma has a good public transport service, run by Tep, which provides regular day and night services with lines covering all areas including the province.

Those who wish to use a car in Parma need to know that the city centre is a Limited Vehicle Access Zone (ZTL in Italian) monitored by security cameras. Access during the day is restricted to residents, permit holders, or those with booked hotel accommodation within the ZTL zone.

From October to March to reduce pollution a traffic ban is imposed, intensifying the restrictions. Then every Thursday it is forbidden to enter the city centre, while on the first Sunday of every month (excluding December) it is forbidden to enter the area within the ring road – the Tangenziale.
In areas near the city centre parking is regulated by blue lines: special spaces – marked in blue – are available for a variable charge paid via a parking meter or with a pass that can be bought from a tobacconist’s – a Tabaccheria. The rules for parking and driving cars in the city also apply to vehicles with a foreign numberplate.

The most practical way to reach the centre is to leave the car in one of the main paying car parks or to park in one of the Park-and-Rides in the suburbs, using the shuttle for the centre (A ticket costs two Euro and is valid all day on the city bus network).
Once in the city, walking is a pleasure. For those who love exercise or envisage longer trips, also into the countryside, a bike sharing service is available, with bicycles positioned at strategic points around Parma. As part of the regional “Mi Muovo” system, this service is integrated with the public transport network: local season ticket holders can use the same ticket for public bicycles. For further information: Infomobility, tel. 39 0521.1680211, Website:

Parma also offers an individual transport system via car sharing, “Io Guido”, available all year round, 24/7. By paying a fee and by booking (which can be done via Internet, Smartphone or a Call Center on Freephone 848.810.000 with at least 15 minutes’ notice), it is possible to use one of the cars available at special car parks. The service is available to holders of a driving licence that has been valid for a minimum of six months.

For further information: Infomobility, tel. 39 0521.1680211, Website:
All transport services are included in the new Smartphone App GiroParma.