Parma is an industrial district renowned for its innovative ability. One of the most important examples is the agro-food sector which, over the last few years, has expanded through large investments in research and technology with the main objective of uniting safety with quality. Important in this context is the arrival in Parma of EFSA – the European Food Safety Authority – tasked with identifying and assessing any potential risk in the food chain, from procurement and production to the sale of products to consumers.
Another very lively and dynamic sector from the point of view of research is food processing plant engineering,  where there is constant research into new technological solutions for the food processing sector. Examples range from milk pasteurisation and sterilisation plants to continuous evaporators for the production of tomato juice and peeled tomatoes, from complete production lines for fruit processing, to the the preparation, sterilisation and bottling of drinks, without forgetting pasta production and meat processing plants. It is not by chance that the Cibus-TEC event takes place in Parma, a biennial fair for the worldwide food technology sector.
The Parma territory also leads in the pharmaceutical sector: in fact, an internationally-renowned company is located in Parma which specialises in the research, development and marketing of respiratory tract treatment products. Founded in the 1970s and today with branches in many countries, this company – which operates an important research centre in our territory – is the top in Italy for investment into research and development and has registered a considerable number of patents. Again, one of the two Italian production plants belonging to one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world is located in Parma – a world leader not only in research but also in all areas of treatment in which it operates. A substantial part of the many millions of packages of products manufactured by this company in Italy is produced in Parma.
Parma is also proud of its rubber and plastics industry  and its IT and communications services in terms of research: companies in the former sector, in recent years, have specialised in the research and development of new technologies and innovative polymeric compounds, while the small software houses in the latter sector have, since the 1980s and throughout the 1990s, specialised in the development of specific solutions for Parma producers, above all the agro-food and plant engineering sectors.