Municipality of Parma and Chamber of Commerce: a synergistic action of the PARMAforEXPO 2015 work table. Objectives: attract tourists and enhance the entrepreneurial system of the Parma area


In the forefront in Milan, inside the “Cibus is Italy” pavilion, the Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Parma, together with Parma Alimentare, will be present at EXPO 2015. The watchword is promoting the Parma System: the Municipality will focus on the tourist promotion of the Parma brand, whereas the Chamber of Commerce will be committed to maximizing the visibility of our entrepreneurial system.

Parma, 1 April 2015 – We are exactly one month away from the official opening of EXPO 2015: also Parma is getting ready for the Universal Exposition in Milan that will attract 20 million visitors.  In the forefront there will be the Municipality of Parma, which aims to enhance the city as a world famous tourist destination, and the Chamber of Commerce of Parma, through Parma Alimentare, aims at leveraging the internationality and prestige of EXPO to maximize the visibility of the Parma area and its entrepreneurial system. The Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Parma are among the main actors of the  PARMAforEXPO collective project which see the involvement of the Provincial Government, Parma Exhibition Centre, University of Parma, Cariparma Foundation and Monteparma Foundation.

A press conference was held on the presence of the Parma System at EXPO this morning, Wednesday 1 April, at the Town Hall. The conference was opened by Cristiano Casa, Councillor for Productive Activities, Tourism, Trade, Urban Security of the Municipality of Parma: “In the first place – Casa said - I would like to underline the excellent  teamwork of Parma for EXPO.  Fiere di Parma has been entrusted by Federalimentare to set up the pavilion of the agro-industrial sector CIBUS is ITALY. It is an extraordinary result for Fiere di Parma, for the city of Parma, for the international trade fair that is held every two years in our city. PARMAforEXPO is a project that unites our institutions, working together, each with its own expertise, to attract delegations and visitors to Parma.  The Municipality has joined the ‘Wonderful EXPO –  Wonderfood Italy’ project with the aim of promoting Parma as a city of taste, through the creation of the product club ‘Parma at the heart of taste’, through promotional and marketing activities for Parma as a tourist destination, and through web marketing, social networks and international road shows.  We believe it is fundamental – concluded Cristiano Casa - that Parma is present and promoted as a tourist destination at the EXPO: the CIBUS is ITALY pavilion is the most appropriate space as it is shared with the Chamber of Commerce and Parma Alimentare”.

Councillor Casa’s statement is followed by Cesare Azzali, Chief Executive of Parma Alimentare: «Barely a year has passed since the launch of the PARMAforEXPO work table, which Parma Alimentare coordinates: it is an ambitious project which brings together the institutional world with the most important economic actors in the area. We can be satisfied with the results we have achieved: thanks to good team work, last December, Parma had the honour of hosting the EXPO 2015 Board of Commissioners General, one of the most important moments for bringing us closer to the Universal Exhibition. The Parma Chamber of Commerce and Parma Alimentare, in synergy with Fiere di Parma, are now working at the themed piazza created in the EXPO area inside the Federalimentare “Cibus is Italia” pavilion. The main actors in this area will be the agro-food companies of our territory, linked by the excellence of their produce, and the food technology sector industries, which offer services ranging from packaging to food preservation, recognised all over their world for their innovative ability».

Azzali also underlined the potential of the Parma4Expo web site, based on the E015 digital eco-system: «A platform offering information in Italian and in English on companies, bodies and institutions, making them accessible to the EXPO 2015 visitors. For the companies in our territory, this totally free digital window, in a few clicks, offers an exhaustive panorama of their products and services and of the international markets in which they operate. There is also the interesting possibility for users to find contact information on individual businesses in E015».

The Municipality of Parma will also be present in the “Cibus is Italy” pavilion: it will work in synergy with the Chamber of Commerce. In fact, the latter will concentrate on the world of business and the development of competitiveness of the Parma System on international markets, while the Parma Municipality will focus on the area’s appeal. EXPO 2015 is the best context in which to promote the Parma brand, with its artistic and cultural marvels and great musical tradition, linked to people such as Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini.  If EXPO 2015 proves to be a good driver for tourism in Parma, the benefits in employment terms will also be positive.

At the press conference, the Deputy President of the Parma Chamber of Commerce, Leonardo Cassinelli, stated: «As the Chamber of Commerce, together with the Parma System under the logo PARMAforEXPO, we shared a long path of ideas and projects aimed at enhancing our territory and our businesses in this year’s most prestigious and representative arena: EXPO 2015. The exhibition space we presented in the last few weeks is a concrete manifestation of this work. But, it is not the point of arrival but of departure: we have six full months of work in front of us to turn this space into a beacon and a multiplier of business for the economy and for the territory. This is our task and the reason for our investment. Our space will showcase, as well as the entrepreneurial world, several excellent companies that have made our territory great, strengthening its ability to place itself at the centre of the Italian agro-food world:  The University of Parma, the Experimental Station for the Food Preserves Industry in Parma, the Italian Online Commodities Exchange, and ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine in Colorno».

Fiere di Parma also took part in the press conference. “In view of EXPO 2015, we have come together as a team and Parma completed the picture - stated Annalisa Sassi, Deputy President of Fiere di Parma – This is a unique opportunity for synergy and Parma has many players that fit well with the EXPO theme of food across the world. Our ancient history in the agricultural fields, the food industry and food machinery allow us to make an important and significant contribution to EXPO 2015».

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