PARMAforEXPO 2015: The Chamber of Commerce and Parma Alimentare present opportunities for businesses and for our territory


There are two focus points in the meeting on the EXPO theme held this morning at the Chamber of Commerce: the exhibition space created in cooperation with Fiere di Parma inside the Federalimentare pavilion, offering multiple possibilities for business matching. And, the incoming programme, to bring professional operators from 30 countries to Parma.

Parma, 18th February 2015 – In the presence of agro-food entrepreneurs and the Parma food technology sector, the programme of initiatives promoted by the Parma Chamber of Commerce and Parma Alimentare within the scope of the PARMAforEXPO 2015 Work Table were presented this morning, 18th February. There are many opportunities offered to our territory and its economic fabric by the Milan Universal Exhibition, with its 20 million visitors expected over 6 months, attracted by the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

In particular, the event was the occasion to present the exhibition space to the City which the Parma Chamber of Commerce and Parma Alimentare are creating, in cooperation with Fiere di Parma, in the EXPO area within the Federalimentare “Cibus is Italia” pavilion, covering an exhibition area of around 2,000 sq.m. The themed piazza dedicated to the Parma territory is strategically located on the first floor; the companies which have joined the PARMAforEXPO 2015 project will also have access to the Terrazza Lounge, and be able to use reserved areas to organise business meetings and workshops.

The host was Alberto Egaddi, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce: «In cooperation with Parma Alimentare and in discussion with Fiere di Parma, we decided to invest in the purchase of a large exhibition space within EXPO. The aim is to exploit the internationality and prestige of the Universal Exhibition to maximise the visibility of the Parma territory and its entrepreneurial system, valued across the world for the production of quality food and for technological innovation applied to the agro-food sector. Parma has made history in these two sectors and is destined to profoundly mark its future evolution, focussing on quality, safety and innovation while respecting tradition. I think it is strategic to give this entrepreneurial system – which generates great value for the territory and the country – all our support and commitment».

The PARMAforEXPO 2015 project also provides that, as well as the Federalimentare pavilion in EXPO, member companies can use some of the prestige locations in Milan city during the six months of the Universal Exhibition: the Terrazza Duomo 21, in Piazza Duomo, headquarters of the World EXPO Commissioners Club, where companies can present their products and services to Commissioners, Delegates, Pavilion Directors and Diplomats. The Conference hall at the Unicredit Tower will also be made available.

The meeting was also the occasion to present the incoming programme, which will see Fiere di Parma working in the front line, in cooperation with ICE - Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalisation of Italian companies. During the 24 weeks of EXPO, business operators, top dealers, top retailers and HORECA professionals at the Federalimentare pavilion in EXPO will be offered visits in the Parma area, organized with companies, associations and consortia, for a more in-depth view of our producers and their products. In economic terms, the investment by Fiere di Parma amounts to one million Euro and there are 30 target countries, among those already strategic partners of the Parma System and countries with strong growth prospects.

As Cesare Azzali, Chief Executive of Parma Alimentare explains: «We want EXPO to be a driver without precedent for the development of competitiveness of the Parma System on the international markets. For this reason, we have paid particular attention to defining the incoming programme. There are three top strategic points on which Parma must focus: its agro-food vocation, renowned across the world as the Food Valley capital; its innovative ability in the food technology sector, with its multitude of businesses offering services ranging from packaging to food preservation; its physical proximity to Milan, to which Parma has good transport links».

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