PARMAforEXPO: a business delegation from Oman lands in Parma


The Omani delegation is led by the state-owned-enterprise Oman Food Investment Holding Company (OFIC), which invests in agribusiness projects. PARMAforEXPO illustrated to their guests from Oman the specificity of our agri-food system, with a focus on the food processing Industry.

Parma, September 18 2015 – Today Parma welcomes a business delegation from Oman, which has come to Italy on the occasion of EXPO. The delegation is led by Mr. Saleh Al Shanfari, the CEO of OFIC – Oman Food Investment Holding Company, the state-owned-enterprise mandated to invest in agribusiness projects with the dual objective to promote well-being and self–sufficiency together with food security for the Sultanate of Oman. Mr. Al Shanfari is accompanied by the CEO of another company operating in the Middle Eastern country.

With a population of 3.9 million inhabitants an oil-based economy Oman is showing steady growth: in 2014 GDP increased by 4.1%, totalling 81,8 billion US dollars, and the positive trend is expected to continue over the period 2015-2017, with estimated annual growth rates amounting to approximately 3.5% as per the World Bank forecasts. And Italy is benefiting from this growth rate: as a matter of fact several Italian companies are currently operating in Oman and mainly specialize in infrastructure design and construction. Last year exports of goods and services from Italy to Oman amounted to 421 million euros, while imports from Oman amounted to 39 million Euros.

After visiting Sidel Parma, a global group that offers specialized PET packaging solutions mainly catering the beverage industry, with over 30,000 machines installed in 190 countries, and that has just announced to be about to move their headquarters to Parma. The Omani business delegation arrived to Palazzo Soragna, the premises of UPI – Parma Union of Industrialists, where they have been welcomed by the representatives of the PARMAforEXPO working group: Stefano Girasole, Head of Economic Service of UPI; Marco Vagnozzi, President of the Council of the City of Parma; prof. Erasmo Neviani, Delegate of the University of Parma for EXPO Milan 2015.

During the meeting the PARMAforEXPO stakeholders illustrated to the Omani delegates the specificities and the excellence of the Parma agri-food system, in particular with regard to the food processing plants. With over 625 companies and more than 8,800 employees the food processing industry closed the year 2014 with a turnover of 2.2 billion euros: exports amounted to 1.2 billion euros, accounting for 22% of total local exports. Current trade relations between Parma food processing industry players and Oman are good: as a matter of fact food processing plants exports account for 64% of total Parma exports to Oman. And given the rapid growth of Omani economy business prospects are extremely good.

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