PARMAforEXPO: a delegation from Argentina visits Parma. Focus on the dairy sector


In the context of EXPO-related incoming activities, our area is welcoming a delegation from Argentina consisting of three important government officials and 30 companies, most of them operating in the dairy sector. This appointment will conclude the cycle of three B2B meetings organized in collaboration with UNIDO, the United National Organization that helps developing countries.

Parma, May, 22nd, 2015 – The country being hosted today by the PARMAforEXPO Working Table is Argentina, with a delegation consisting of 30 companies. This appointment concludes the cycle of three B2B meetings in one week with local entrepreneurs. Earlier it was the turn of the Philippines and Pakistan. All three meetings were organized by the participants in the PARMAforEXPO Working Table in conjunction with UNIDO, the United National Organization that helps developing countries and transition economies.

The South American country, which boasts a population of 41.4 million and a GDP of 609.9 billion dollars, has always been an important partner for our country: Italian exports to Argentina exceed one billion dollars and Italy is the tenth country of origin for  Argentine imports. Although at this time, after three years (2011-2013) of significant growth, its economy is suffering, the World Bank’s forecast for 2016 and 2017 is positive. Thus the meeting promoted by the PARMAforEXPO Working Table aims to establish  initial contact between important  Argentine businesses and Parma’s entrepreneurial system, in order to establish business partnerships in the near future.

The South American business delegation consists of 30 companies, accompanied by Arturo Jorge Videla, Under Secretary of the National Dairy Industry and head of the delegation and by two senior officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in Argentina: Carlos Luis Berra, National Director of Dairy Production, and Fernando Ramos, Exports Platform Coordinator. The common thread uniting these companies is the agri-food business: Argentina is one of the world’s leading countries for agricultural production (15% of which goes to exports) and for livestock, particularly cattle. Most of the visiting South American businesses are in the dairy industry; accordingly their day in Parma will focus on this sector.

At the welcome from the authorities, the  Argentine delegation will be greeted by Cesare Azzali, Director of UPI – Parma Industrialists Association and President of the PARMAforEXPO Working Table, by Cristiano Casa, Councillor for Industry, Tourism and Commerce for the Municipality of Parma, and by prof. Erasmo Neviani, EXPO delegate of the University of Parma. The day will continue at Palazzo Soragna with a technical-scientific meeting about the key European and international issues of the dairy sector. In addition to prof. Erasmo Neviani, the speakers will be Simone Ficarelli, International Services of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, and Giuseppe Scarica, head of the UPI dairy sector Advisory Council.

The  Argentine delegation’s day in Parma started with an early visit to the Bertinelli farm, whose core business is the production of Parmigiano Reggiano. It is one of only three dairy farms, of the 400 dairies in the area of origin of the King of Cheeses, to manage  every phase of the production process in the milk supply chain in-house.


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