PARMAforEXPO: meeting with the directors of UNIDO ITPO offices worldwide


The PARMAforEXPO working group illustrated to the guests of UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization – the specificity of our agrifood system. During the meeting a joint declaration for cooperation between UPI and UNIDO ITPO Italy was signed. Today a delegation from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development also came to Parma.

Parma, October 14, 2015 – On the occasion of the world meeting of UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization– in the framework of EXPO, today PARMAforEXPO received the Directors of worldwide ITPOs – Investment and Technology Promotion Offices. The representatives of the UNIDO ITPO offices of Vienna, which is the headquarters, Bahrain, China (two offices: one in Beijing and one in Shanghai), South Korea, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, and Russia attended the meeting.

With 46 offices worldwide, UNIDO is committed to promoting sustainable industrial development and international cooperation between companies. ITPO offices are one of the tools with which UNIDO pursues this goal: their task is to identify and mobilize the technical and technological, financial and managerial resources that can generate employment and support economic competitiveness of developing countries.

UNIDO ITPO Worldwide Directors began their day in Parma with a visit to the CPL Dairy- Consorzio Produttori Latte di Parma (Parma’s Consortium of Milk Producers), who in fifty years, turned from a simple local fresh milk supplier into one of the major cheese makers producing approximately, 9,000 Parmigiano Reggiano wheels.

The UNIDO representatives then went to Palazzo Soragna – the headquarters of Parma’s Association of Industrialists – to meet the representatives of the PARMAforEXPO stakeholders: Cesare Azzali, Director of UPI and CEO of PARMAforEXPO; Cristiano Casa, Councillor for Industry, Tourism and Trade of the City of Parma; Davide Menozzi, Department of Food Science of the University of Parma.

During the official meeting at Palazzo Soragna, PARMAforEXPO illustrated to the delegation comprising the Directors of worldwide UNIDO ITPOs the specificities of Parma food and agribusiness system: a successful model and an example of sustainability, based on a mix of big global players and SMEs being highly competitive on the market thanks to the excellent quality of their products and to a longstanding commitment to invest in research and innovation.

During the meeting a joint declaration for cooperation between UPI and UNIDO ITPO Italy was also signed whereby the two parties undertook to promote cooperation between businesses located in the territory of Parma and those located in the developing countries. Such a cooperation will be aimed at enhancing the provision of technical assistance, training, consulting services and at promoting technology transfer and the sharing of best practices.

In the afternoon the delegation comprising the Directors of worldwide UNIDO ITPOs visited the Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry (SSICA), in the presence of Andrea Zanlari, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Parma. SSICA was stablished in Parma in 1922 and is now a special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Parma being mandated to promote scientific, technical and technological progress of the Italian food-preserving industry ; it performs applied research, consultancy, training, and dissemination activities and with its activities it supports over 3,000 companies specializing in the agrifood industry.

In the framework of the initiatives promoted by the PARMAforEXPO working group, this morning also a delegation representing EBRD – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development also came to Parma. The delegation was led by Mr. Alain Pilloux, EBRD Managing Director: EBRD promotes the growth and development of 32 countries, located in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean, in close cooperation with public institutions and other players in the economic system. The EBRD delegation participated in one-to-one meetings with local businesses which are already operating in EBRD’s countries of operations and which submitted to the Bank development projects concerning the manufacturing and services, tourism, ICT and agribusiness industries.


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