PARMAforEXPO: the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Trade of Cameroun visit our city


This African country, where agriculture is the backbone of the economy, has always had strong commercial relationships with Italy. This is due to the political and monetary stability of the country, its regulation on employment and its direct access to the sea, making this country a key territory to export in the nearby countries.

Parma, July 10, 2015 – Parma welcomes today Essimi Menye, Minister of Agriculture and Rural development and Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, Minister of Trade of Cameroun who are in Italy to visit EXPO: the delegation of the African country also encompasses two important ministerial officers, some representatives of CAPEF – Chambre d’Agriculture, des Pêches, de l’Elevage et des Fôrets led by the President Janvier Mongui Sossomba, and the representatives of some companies.

In the frame of Palazzo Soragna, the two Cameroun Ministers have been welcomed by the main actors of the PARMAforEXPO working table: Alberto Figna, President of UPI – Parma’s Entrepreneurs‘ Association; Cristiano Casa, Councillor for Industry, Tourism and Trade of the City of Parma; Pierluigi Ferrari, President of the Tomato district; Isabella Benecchi, Area Manager for Promotional and Anagraphical Affairs and Registrar of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce of Parma; and Erasmo Neviani, Delegate of the University of Parma for EXPO.

With a population of 22,8 million inhabitants and a GDP of 32,5 billion dollars in 2014 (World Bank data) Cameroun is the second African country for per capita income. Thanks to the political stability of the country, economy has recorded a 5% growth in 2014, and positive growth is expected for 2015 too (+4,2%). Agriculture and forestry are the backbone of Cameroun economy with resources amounting to more than 18 million hectares: main export crops are coffee, cacao, cotton, bananas and rubber. The trade relations between Italy and Cameroun are good: our country is the fourth country importing from Cameroun (mainly oil, wood, aluminium, rubber, coffee, tea and spices), and the ninth supplier in the world. With special reference to Parma, the biggest share of exported products is represented by food processing machinery and products of the mechanical industry.

The institutional event taking place this morning in Palazzo Soragna offered the PARMAforEXPO working table the opportunity to present to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural development and to the Minister of Trade of Cameroun the special features of products and food processing machinery of our territory: a sustainable model, based on the cooperation of great players, world leaders of their industry, and small and medium sized enterprises, able to win the challenge of an increasingly globalised economy, making the most of the premium quality of products as well as of innovation and research. The African ministerial delegation explained why Cameroun can be considered a territory of great potentials for Italian investors: regulation on employment provides for direct negotiation of employment conditions between the worker and the employer, while the common currency for all the countries of Western and Central Africa has a fixed exchange rate to the Euro. Moreover, Cameroun can be used as an entry point to export products to the nearby countries which have no direct access to the sea.

Upon their arrival in Parma, before the institutional meeting in Palazzo Soragna with the representatives of the PARMAforEXPO working table, the Cameroun delegation visited RM SpA, in Trecasali, a company established in 1952 which over time became a world leader in the industry of hose-reel irrigation machines. The programme of the visit to the city of Parma for the Minister of Agriculture and Rural development and the Minister of Trade of Cameroun will continue in the afternoon in Sissa, to visit the multinational company Pioneer Hi Bred Italia Sementi, Italian leader in the sale of seeds for professional agriculture.


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