Over the course of time, the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza area, which corresponds to today’s provinces, was governed by numerous noble dynasties: namely the Farnese, the Bourbons of Parma, and the Pallavicino, Visconti, Meli Lupi, Gonzaga, Rossi, Sanvitale, Sforza, Landi and Malaspina families. All of these families left an indelible mark on local and national history. The most evident symbol is a system of ancient residences, castles, fortresses and villas.
In particular, near Parma we find (in the towns of the same name, unless indicated otherwise):

  • Bardi Castle
  • The Royal Palace (Reggia) of Colorno
  • Compiano Castle
  • Felino Castle
  • The Sanvitale Fortress, in Fontanellato
  • Torrechiara Castle, near Langhirano
  • Montechiarugolo Castle
  • Pellegrino Parmense Castle
  • Roccabianca Castle
  • The Sala Baganza Fortress (Rocca)
  • The Rossi Fortress (Rocca), in San Secondo Parmense
  • The Meli Lupi Fortress (Rocca), in Soragna
  • Varano de’ Melegari Castle