The Parma Apennines begin South of the Via Emilia and extend to a ridge on the borders between the Liguria and Tuscany regions. The valleys are those of the Ceno, Taro and Parma, worn away by the three respective rivers. Stunning landscapes, uncontaminated nature, clean air and historical remains mean enchanting experiences. Not just total relaxation against the splendid background of the Apennines but also trips by mountain bike, horse rides, or excursions on foot to discover ancient villages and monuments or conquer the highest peaks.

Of particular interest is the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Opened in May 2001, it takes in numerous municipalities of the Emilia Romagna and Tuscany regions. The sheer variety of animal species, the flourishing vegetation and the multi-coloured blooms of the Park offer visitors a breathtaking scenario, enhanced by major artistic and architectural remains that humans and their history have left in these places.

To explore the Park excursions have been arranged:

  • Trekking Lunigiana, 199km (123 miles) long starts from Podenzana and ends in Aulla
  • Trekking Garfagnana, a circuit 110km (68 miles) long around the Garfagnana area.
  • The Sentiero di Matilde, across the hills of Reggio Emila on mule trails and paths that reach the ridge.
  • The Via dei Laghi, 22km (14 miles) of paths linking the Lagdei lake to the Lagastrello mountain pass.
  • GEA, the “Great Apennine Excursion” 425km (264 miles) long, a ridge route linking the Bocca Trabaria and Due Santi passes.
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