Commissioned by Maria Luigia d’Asburgo, and built between 1821 and 1829 to a project by the court architect Nicola Bettoli, the Regio Opera House of Parma is characterised by a Neoclassical façade, consisting of a portico and a double order of windows. Decorations depict the goddess Pheme and a Lyre. Its Neoclassical foyer gives access to the elliptical stalls, decorated by Girolamo Magnani in 1853, surrounded by four tiers of boxes and the gallery.
A visit backstage can prove fascinating with its equipment, scenery, rooms, ceilings and stunning drop-curtain.
The chandelier was made in Paris and weighs around one ton. After recent restoration work, remains from the Roman period were discovered, still visible inside the building. Every year, the Regio Opera House is home to an Opera Season and the Verdi Festival, starring internationally famous artists.