The Parma territory networks to win the EXPO 2015 challenge: the start of the Work Table experience


The institutions as well as economic and entrepreneurial actors of the Parma territory present the “Parma Work Table for Expo 2015″: a project aimed not only at coordinating individual initiatives but at favouring new synergies in view of the Universal Exhibition Main objective: enhance the Parma System

Parma, 27th May 2014 – This morning, a press conference was at the Chamber of Commerce held to present the Parma Work Table for Expo 2015: a project involving the most important institutional and economic actors in our territory. Members of the Work Table include the Municipality of Parma, Province of Parma, Parma Chamber of Commerce, Parma University, the Cariparma Foundation and the Monteparma Foundation, Fiere di Parma, coordinated by Parma Alimentare. The Work Table is an operating tool for a wider system of institutions, associations and consortia that expressed interest in the Expo 2015 theme.

The “Parma Work Table for Expo 2015″ is a project which rotates around the Universal Exhibition planned to take place in Milan from 1st May to 31st October 2015: an event which will see the participation of 144 countries and 3 international organisations and which, according to the most recent estimates, will welcome over 22 million visitors from across the world. Expo 2015 will focus on the theme “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life” and therefore represents a great opportunity for promoting an Italy of territories, culture and biodiversity.

It is starting from this premise that the Parma Work Table for Expo 2015 was born: the logic was to create a network at a territorial level, involving all actors from the political and institutional world as well as the economic and entrepreneurial. In particular, the Parma Work Table for Expo 2015 has two objectives: on the one hand, to coordinate the initiatives already planned for Expo 2015 by individual actors and avoid overlaps between activities, dualism and confusion of roles. On the other hand, the Work Table was set up to act as a driver in the development of new synergies: by defining guidelines and creating a wealth of resources, both human and material, allowing sustainable initiatives to be implemented which would continue even after the Expo experience.

As explained during the press conference, thanks to the creation of the Parma Work Table for Expo 2015 the Parma System can aim to play a main role, very attractive for visitors and business delegations, during the Universal Exhibition: in fact, our territory matches technological and industrial excellence with the unique gastronomic, artistic and musical culture of Italy.

During the press conference, the Parma Municipality, Parma Province, Parma Chamber of Commerce, Parma University, the Cariparma Foundation and Monteparma Foundation, Fiere di Parma, and Parma Alimentare summarized several of the initiatives presented at the Parma Work Table for 2015. Various interesting ideas emerged.

The Parma Chamber of Commerce will support initiatives developed by the territorial economic system. Fiere di Parma will be the operating partner of Federalimentare at FederalimentareXExpo, a project to create an exhibition pavilion in the Expo area to host Italian food companies. The business associations of the area will develop – in coordination with and promoted by Parma Alimentare –  initiatives aimed at enhancing the industrial, commercial and artisan system; in particular the Parma Industrialists Union will coordinate the use by the associations of the entrepreneurial system,  the E015 platform, the Digital Eco-system aimed at helping Expo visitors match demand with supply. Banking foundations, coherent with their mission, will support cultural and scientific activities as well as social events.

Parma University will organise various talks aimed at enhancing the wealth of scientific knowledge linked to the topic of food: among these, within the scope of the “World Food Forum” it will develop the theme of Food Safety.

The priority of the Municipality of Parma will be to increase the number of people visiting the city, both for tourism and leisure as well as for conferences: for this reason, in 2015, in conjunction with the Expo, a tourism welcome point will be set up to offer information on the territory’s special features. Then, for 10 days, Parma will repeat the event of 27th to 29th June 2014, and become the “Capital of Good Taste”: this initiative is aimed at promoting the food and wine products of excellence of the Parma Food Valley.

The press conference was also the occasion for presenting the ParmaforExpo logo, which the Work Table produced and already registered by Parma Alimentare, which will become the distinctive symbol for all initiatives linked to the Expo 2015, both in the preparatory phase as well as during the Milan Exhibition, to coordinate and identify the work of the Parma System on the Expo theme.

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