Our mission

We promote knowledge creation, transfer and progress to meet the increasing demands of advanced education and research in our society.

Our values

We are a scientific community with a long-standing tradition, made up of professors and researchers; we all work in the broader context of the international scientific community. We are an independent, forward-looking community, open to the world and to the future. We foster study as a key factor in personal development and individual enrichment. Our aim is to guide and encourage students to make the most of their capacities. We firmly believe in scientific progress, and do our utmost to further its enhancement. We give our contribution for the improvement and welfare of our society by disseminating knowledge and education.

University of Parma: facts and figures

The University of Parma is a State University. As such, it is self-governing and has administrative, organisational, and accountancy autonomy, and provides its services to the general public. The University of Parma has 18 Departments, 35 first degree courses, 6 one-cycle degree courses, 38 second-cycle degree courses, as well as many Postgraduate schools, Postgraduate Teacher Training courses, several Masters’ Degrees and Research Doctorates (PhD).

University of Parma research: facts and figures

The University of Parma is strongly committed to research excellence across different fields – medical, mathematical, physical, chemical and life sciences, engineering, social sciences and the humanities. This strong interdisciplinary research environment is specially suited to answer research and technological transfer needs arising from the society on a local, national and global scale.
The reputation of research at the University of Parma is very high; Parma scored an overall 5th place in Italy in the 2010 National Research Quality Assessment (VQR) for universities of medium to large dimension. Its human resources consist of 900 academics and 900 administrative and technical supporting staff, distributed across 18 departments, 12 interdepartmental centres, one regional technological centre and the central administration.
A number of up-to-date research services exist, including libraries, the ICT central mainframes for calculus, centralised high-cost analytical equipment, museums and archives open to researchers and incoming scientists. Doctoral study programs are particularly outstanding at Parma; in 2014 they were awarded a 25% funding increase by the Ministry of University & Research owing to their scientific performance and attractiveness for international students. Scientific publications bear witness to Parma’s influence on an international level – Parma had the highest number of Highly Cited Researchers in the 2014 Thomson Reuters league table of Italian Universities, second only to the National Research Council.
Total research income for 2013/14 amounted to over 25 Million Euros, including National Government Funding (FFO) linked to Research Performance, European and international competitive projects and research contracts with the private sector.

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