www.parmaforexpo.com: a free showcase for businesses in Parma. Registration is open


Maximizing visibility of the entrepreneurial network of the Parma area and  promoting B2B business opportunities: this is the focus of the PARMAforEXPO website, organized by the Working Table consisting of leading institutional and economic stakeholders in the official PARMAforEXPO website. The website integrates data from the E015 Digital Ecosystem: companies can access an invaluable free showcase simply by filling in a form.

Parma, April, 21st, 2015 – The official opening of EXPO 2015  is only a few days away: the Parma system is putting the final touches to preparations for the Exhibition in Milan. The official website for PARMAforEXPO, the Working Table – coordinated by Parma Alimentare – which includes the leading institutional and economic stakeholders in the Parma area, will soon be online.

The  website www.parmaforexpo.com will highlight the  outstanding companies of our area, starting with those that accepted the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce and Parma Alimentare and will be present in the area dedicated to Parma at the EXPO, set up in collaboration with Fiere di Parma within the Federalimentare pavilion “CIBUSèITALIA”. In addition, the PARMAforEXPO website aims to be a free showcase for all Parma companies interested in maximizing their own visibility during the EXPO.

As Cesare Azzali, CEO of Parma Alimentare, says: «For a company, being on www.parmaforexpo.com means high-quality visibility in the international context of EXPO and developing new business contacts. The more participants, the greater the value of the project. Parma’s entrepreneurial system sees a mix of craftsmanship, tradition and innovation: in order for these unique characteristics to emerge, it is important for all stakeholders to give their contribution freely. This is why I invite all entrepreneurs to register. The procedure is very simple: all that is required is filling in the form supplied by the different Trade Associations».
The link: http://bit.ly/1HfSiYx.

The PARMAforEXPO website is based on the E015 Digital Ecosystem: a platform that provides detailed information, in Italian and English, about the companies who have registered for free. “With E015, – says Prof. Azzali –  Web users and EXPO visitors, thanks to the presence of multimedia kiosks in the CibusèItalia Pavilion, will have access in just a few clicks to a comprehensive overview of products and/or services offered by Parma’s companies, and of the international markets in which they operate. Our aim is to facilitate business opportunities, both by taking advantage of  EXPO and by organizing visits to companies in the area of Parma and its province.”


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